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Danni (Poundcake)

Creator of AmaPoundcake

Danni (Poundcake) and is the creator of AmaPoundcake. She's an activist, coach, facilitator, content creator, pop culture enthusiast, black feminist, and entertainer. She is very passionate about body image and body positivity.


Dec. 7, 2020

Nicole and Janine continue the conversation about Body Positivity with Danni of AmaPoundcake.com and Brande of Be-Enough.com. They talk through everyday challenges and struggles and unpack the layers of what it means to be b…

Be A Poundcake

Dec. 3, 2020

Nicole and Janine sit down with Brande Victorian, the founder of BeEnough.com, and Danni (Poundcake), the creator of AmaPoundcake.com, to discuss body image, bodypositivity and body representation. This episode is all about …