Dec. 7, 2020


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Nicole and Janine continue the conversation about Body Positivity with Danni of and Brande of They talk through everyday challenges and struggles and unpack the layers of what it means to be body positive and how it can be achieved.

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Danni (Poundcake)Profile Photo

Danni (Poundcake)

Creator of AmaPoundcake

Danni (Poundcake) and is the creator of AmaPoundcake. She's an activist, coach, facilitator, content creator, pop culture enthusiast, black feminist, and entertainer. She is very passionate about body image and body positivity.

Brande VictorianProfile Photo

Brande Victorian

Entertainment Editor at Essence

Brande Victorian is a savvy digital editorial leader whose management in the online space includes producing engaging content for more than 7 million monthly unique readers. As the Senior Content Director for MadameNoire and HelloBeautiful, she directs the editorial strategies for the sites to ensure the needs of each audience are met.

Brande has been profiled by Pose magazine and her work has been featured on Jezebel and daytime talk show The Real. She's also been invited to share her thoughts on Black women and pop culture with ESPNW, Yahoo! News Live, Pix 11, CBS Radio, The Cheddar Life, and The Root. Brande has also lent her talents to campaigns for Ulta Beauty, Sephora, CBS, Walmart and AT&T; and she's written sponsored content for major brands such as Macy's, Ford, L'Oreal, and Strength of Nature.

Before entering the digital lifestyle arena, Brande worked in medical publishing and was the first woman and first African-American Editor-in-Chief of The Hearing Journal. She was also honored by the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors for her reporting.