Resource List For People Impacted by Hurricane Ida

LifeTagger has compiled a working resource list for those who have been impacted by Hurricane Ida. All you have to do is scan the QRcode below to access the comprehensive list of resources.  If you are having trouble scanning the code please c…

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The “Accidental” Death of Tamla Horsford

  3 Years 2 Investigations 1 Wife & Mother Dead 0 Answers Here is how the story goes… A 911 call was placed saying that Tamla Horsford had been at a home for an adult slumber party where the guests had been drin…

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Cardi’s Late Night Dance Party

Last night Cardi logged on to her IG live, while snacking on salt with a side of salami and lemon, in search of someone to dance with her to her latest single UP!   In an attempt to find a dance partner, Cardi allowed Jerome Trammel to come on…

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