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Secret Stash

March 4, 2021

Nicole and Janine sit down with friend of the pod, Asia Smith to discuss the concept of STASHING while dating.

Guest: Asia Smith

It Never Starts This Way

Feb. 25, 2021

Nicole and Janine sit down with Tyger McClendon, Founder of the Zollie McClendon Memorial Foundation, to discuss teen domestic violence, the signs, and statistics.

Challenge Yourself

Feb. 18, 2021

Nicole and Janine discuss “Challenge Culture.” They discuss the recent trends and why you might want to think twice before you participate in next TikTok challenge.

You Look Pretty and We Love You... Don’t Get Scammed

Feb. 11, 2021

From online scammers to COVID-19, this Valentine’s Day comes with its challenges. Nicole and Janine discuss how to stay safe this Valentine’s Day.

COVID-19 Conspiracy & The Bullying of Black Doctors

Feb. 4, 2021

Nicole and Janine sit down with Dr. Jasmine Bookert-Arbukle of Diagnose Me Now. The ladies discuss and debunk some of the common COVID conspiracy theories. They also discuss the unfortunate bullying of black doctors who back the science that supports that vaccine.

They’re Still Out There

Jan. 28, 2021

The past few weeks have been filled with Insurrection, Impeachment and Inauguration. Although we had a change in administration, it doesn’t mean that they’ve had a change of heart!  Nicole and Janine sit down with Ashanti Smith, the young African American woman who was assaulted, attacked and haras…

Guest: Ashanti Smith

Power Play

Jan. 21, 2021

Mega Millions, PowerBall and Gambling...what do you do if you win?   Nicole and Janine discuss the massive jackpots and what you should do if you win.

Insuperable Insurrection

Jan. 14, 2021

Nicole and Janine discuss the Insurrection of the United States Capitol with a special guest Audrey McNeill.    Audrey McNeill is a 28 year law enforcement veteran who served eight years as a Police Officer employed by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and 20 years as a Special Age…

Closets and Cornbread

Jan. 7, 2021

Nicole and Janine sit down with The Wardrobe Boss, Eliza Parrilla. The ladies explore everything from oversized trousers and white boots to dramatic shoulders and shackets.  Join the conversations as they discuss 2021 fashion trends. They even share tips to make a mean cornbread.

Resolutions and Expectations

Dec. 31, 2020

Nicole and Janine discuss preparing for the new year and leaving all of the old mess in 2020. They also discuss giving yourself some grace by having realistic expectations for 2021.


Dec. 24, 2020

Nicole and Janine discuss the holiday season in the middle of a global pandemic. They share ways to get through the holidays alone without being lonely. They also share ways to reset in anticipation of the new year.

Spark A Vibe

Dec. 17, 2020

Nicole and Janine discuss their personal holiday shopping guides and all of the Black Owned Businesses  that they’re supporting this year.  They’ve got you covered  with gift ideas for children, pets, husbands, and even yourself.  From the  tree, to the kitchen, to the bedroom they're giving you ti…

Pardon or Penalty

Dec. 10, 2020

Nicole and Janine discuss federal death row inmate  Brandon Bernard as the grapple with the concept of the death penalty and whether or not it’s even humane.


Dec. 7, 2020

Nicole and Janine continue the conversation about Body Positivity with Danni of and Brande of They talk through everyday challenges and struggles and unpack the layers of what it means to be body positive and how it can be achieved.

Be A Poundcake

Dec. 3, 2020

Nicole and Janine sit down with Brande Victorian, the founder of, and Danni (Poundcake), the creator of, to discuss body image, bodypositivity and body representation. This episode is all about the Body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody.


Nov. 26, 2020

While 2020 has been a crazy year, there is still so much to be thankful for.  Nicole and Janine discuss the blessings that have come in 2020 despite the circumstances and all of the things that they are thankful for.

Rethinking Thanksgiving

Nov. 19, 2020

Much like everything else 2020 Thanksgiving will look different.  Nicole and Janine discuss ways to enjoy Thanksgiving in spite of the pandemic.


Nov. 12, 2020

Leading into Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nicole and Janine are joined by transgender advocate and activist, Morgan

Guest: Morgan Sherm