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Amazing Podcast!

Weekly shows don’t come soon enough!! I absolutely love this show and love this ladies!! I am so grateful to have found a show that I love and can relate to as a black female, I truly hope it never goes away!!! 10/10 would recommend to everyone I know!!

Entertaining and

Perfect for listening on my commute to work.

My favorite Podcast

I love how real Nicole & Janine are!!! Janine is my absolute favorite!

Great Conversation

These ladies really give us life every single week. They talk about everything we think in our heads but sometimes aren’t willing to say out loud. I love this podcast!

Love this podcast

Love this podcast all these women are extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally well spoken. It’s only a matter of time before this podcast blow !!


Love, Love, Love!!!! I personally know and greatly Love Nicole!!!! I love hearing your voice, it’s like being right there with you!!! Y’all make me laugh and think!!!! Just started walking again and I am steady listening, and steady thinking of reply’s and subjects!!!! Keep up the good work ladies!!!! Nicole I love you!!!

Oh, That’s Some Deeply Awesome Podcast 😀

What I love about the podcast is the unfiltered, raw, and straightforward approach of the hosts, Janine and Nicole. They don’t shy away from topics that might be considered taboo to mainstream media. They take it head on and address it in a way that not only leave no stone unturned, but also ensures inclusivity. -Lysious, Writer/Director/Producer; Host, Live With Lysious

Awesome Podcast!!!!

I just love the way these two Beautiful Black Queens collaborate back-and-forth giving out some great advice. Amazing Job Nicole & Janine!!!!

Authentic Black Women

I love how authentic the hosts are! Each episode is informative and entertaining. I’m so happy these ladies created this space for black women.


Nicole and Janine are great! I love the topics, the humor, and the hard conversations. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts! ♥️♥️


Excellent podcast! It’s engaging and they are on top of all things current! Don’t take my word for it, tap in!!!’

Love this podcast!!!

The epitome of Black Excellence, congratulations Nicole & Janine.

Podcast Staple!

Real and raw conversations from multiple points of view.


Every episodes are totally very nice. I am always listen the every episodes.

On of the best podcast

I am a black women and I think "Oh That’s Deep Black Women Conversations" is one fo the best podcast for Black women


If you want to hear real topics by REAL women you’re in the right place! I love how you two don’t hold anything back

Love the podcast!

I love this podcast. Janine and Nicole have found a way to tackle heavy events while remaining fun and engaging. I work 12 hour shifts so I’ve listened to the episodes more than once. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!

Favorite Podcast

This is real talk from real women who deal with real issues! This is exactly what we need in these real times!!!

My Favorite Podcast

I have switched from listening to the radio in the car to listening to this podcast. It is so informative and relevant topics are always discussed. Thank you ladies for bringing this podcast to black women.

Best podcast ever

I love this podcast and enjoyed playing catch up with the episodes!!

Relatable and fun

These ladies are very relatable, and I find myself talking back to them every time! They make you want to be a part of the conversation. This podcast is definitely my new Thursday morning ritual!

Real Raw

It’s a fun and funny podcast. Keep it up looking forward to more episodes!