March 18, 2021

Cardi’s Late Night Dance Party

Cardi’s Late Night Dance Party

Last night Cardi logged on to her IG live, while snacking on salt with a side of salami and lemon, in search of someone to dance with her to her latest single UP!  

In an attempt to find a dance partner, Cardi allowed Jerome Trammel to come on her live. He joined with an interview request.  Cardi accepted saying, she would grant the request when her album dropped.  

Cardi went on to say that she wasn’t granting any interviews at the moment because she was leaving “very soon” for a retreat for her work. She said she was going to be away from everyone and everything in order to focus on her work. Cardi said she wouldn’t even be bringing glam (as she brandished giant rollers) in an effort to focus on her work. 

After releasing Jerome from her live she went on to do the dance by herself.  It was interesting!  She then realized she needed some visual assistance so she pulled up the video to follow.  While the second try had a better flow, it still left a lot to be desired.  In true Cardi fashion... she knew it.

She went on to express her dislike for dancing (Ironic?!?) eventually confessing that she hadn’t even learned the WAP challenge.  We aren’t judging. She’s a busy woman. 

We hope Cardi finds the inspiration and serenity that she needs to boost her creativity while on her retreat. We We will anxiously await her return because we’re sure there will be FIRE on the other side!!!

💖Nicole & Janine