Aug. 16, 2021

The “Accidental” Death of Tamla Horsford

The “Accidental” Death of Tamla Horsford


3 Years 
2 Investigations 
1 Wife & Mother Dead 
0 Answers

Here is how the story goes… A 911 call was placed saying that Tamla Horsford had been at a home for an adult slumber party where the guests had been drinking. According to the report, it was approx 1:45 a.m. when Horsford told the homeowners she was going outside on the balcony, to smoke. Shortly after, the homeowners said that they all went to bed. 

It is reported that the next morning approx. 7 a.m. guests found Horsford fully clothed and unresponsive below the balcony.   A 911 call was not placed until around 9 a.m.  First responders arrived and Horsford was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators took Horford’s body to the GBI for an autopsy and toxicology analysis. 11Alive obtained those documents, which showed Horsford had high levels of alcohol in her system at the time of her death. 

Results from blood and urine samples showed Horsford's blood alcohol content was also about 0.24, three times the legal driving limit of 0.08. She also had Xanax - in her system.  There were no other drugs found in her system.

According to the medical examiner’s report Horsford had "severe injuries" of the head, neck and torso. It was also  noted there were several superficial wounds, including on the forehead, above the left eyelid, bridge of the nose, the right temple and chin. Other injuries included a laceration on the heart, a fractured second vertebra and a dislocated wrist. The medical examiner also noted there were no facial bones that were broken, but there were several spots of bleeding in the head.

In an initial report, investigators believed Horsford may have fallen from ground level, "The position of the body does not appear that she had fallen directly from the balcony to the ground. Rather she appeared to have fallen from ground level, with the grade of the yard adding approximately 1 foot the the height of the fall.” 

Overall, the medical examiner ruled the injures were consistent with those received in a fall, and ruled the official cause of death was "multiple blunt force injures."  On February 20, 2019, her death was ruled as an accidental death and the case was closed. 

June 12, 2020, The County Sheriff Ron requested that the case be investigated by the GBI. The GBI agreed to reopen the case. 

On July 28, 2021, the GBI concluded their re-investigation.  No criminal charges were filed. 

No one can make this make sense!  

Justice for Tamla Horford