Jan. 7, 2021

Closets and Cornbread

Closets and Cornbread
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Nicole and Janine sit down with The Wardrobe Boss, Eliza Parrilla. The ladies explore everything from oversized trousers and white boots to dramatic shoulders and shackets.  Join the conversations as they discuss 2021 fashion trends. They even share tips to make a mean cornbread. 

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Eliza ParrillaProfile Photo

Eliza Parrilla

Proprietress of WARDROBE BOSS

As a New York City native, she often notices that we are always surrounded by inspiration and hope! Her vision fuels her passion for universal fashion and personal style. When she's not working with A-list artists, she is specialize in coaching clients from New York, Canada and even Australia to discover and celebrate the best versions of themselves.

She is the proprietress of WARDROBE BOSS, a complete wardrobe concierge service. They specialize in PERSONAL SHOPPING, EVENT STYLING, WARDROBE AUDITS, and SPECIALIZED STORAGE AND VALET for the entire family! She also gifts her services to the The Covenant House and The Bowery Women's Mission.

Style is personal creation, and she lives to encourage all individuals to find their own signature style!