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Dr. Donna Oriowo

Owner & Lead Therapist at AnnodRight

The first of 4 daughters, Dr. Donna Oriowo (oreo-whoa!) is a first generation Nigerian-American (Yoruba). Born in Washington D.C. and raised on jollof rice and fried chicken with mumbo sauce. Dr. Oriowo graduated from the illustrious Morgan State University with a B.S. in Psychology. But because throughout her education folk kept spilling all their sexual business, and the fateful day she watched Meet the Fockers, The Good Doc decided to go to Widener University in PA to learn more about mental health and sexuality.

Graduating in 2012 with a double masters in Social Work and Education for Human Sexuality, she vowed that she would NEVER again return to school. After getting her first real-live adult job at an agency in D.C. and realizing not only that she lacks conviction but also wants to give the parents the (Doctor they wanted, especially since lawyer and engineer were out) she decided to re-enroll in school and finish up with a PhD in human sexuality.

Throughout her education and work, Dr. Donna has focused on the mental and sexual health of Black women. Why? Because there is a need to explore that intersection between being a woman and being Black, which can often be missed in research, mental health, or even sexual health spaces. With a further focus on self esteem, anxiety, and depression the impact of colorism and texturism has been a focus of the doc which prompted her to write Cocoa Butter and Hair Grease: A Self Love Journey Through Hair and Skin. Dr. Donna serves as Chair of Communications and co-chair of the diversity, equity, and inclusion committee (DEI) with AASECT, is a member of WOCSHN, and serves on the editorial advisory board for the American Journal of Sexuality Education. AKA: she be doin too much.

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May 27, 2021

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