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Ashanti Smith

Insurrection Survivor

Ms. Ashanti Smith is a 28 year-old African American woman who resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. On January 5th, Ms. Smith was assaulted, attacked and harassed by a group of Trump supporters on Black Lives Matter Plaza during the U.S Capital takeover. She is now facing criminal charges along with being relieved from employment as a licensed, unarmed, Special Police Officer pending an investigation. Ms. Smith has raised over $240,000 from donors nationwide to assist with her legal fees.

They’re Still Out There

Jan. 28, 2021

The past few weeks have been filled with Insurrection, Impeachment and Inauguration. Although we had a change in administration, it doesn’t mean that they’ve had a change of heart! Nicole and Janine sit down with Ashanti Sm…

Guest: Ashanti Smith