Feb. 10, 2022

Watch Your Friends Around Your Man

Watch Your Friends Around Your Man
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In our opening chatter we talk about what's been happening since we last recorded.  What’s on Our Timeline?  Kierra "Kiki" Sheard- Kelly.   Kierra said  as believers we are blessed so that we can bless others.  She went on to say she would share but she's NOT sharing her man.  She reminds us about the importance of being wise about the "friends" that you allow to stay in  your home. For Let’s Talk Through It we have letters from two of our friends.  Our one friend, Monique, has a recently divorced friend that wants to come live with her and her husband.  Our other friend, Myla, wrote in to give us an update about what's going on with her husband.   Be sure to listen to hear what we learned this week and be motivated for the week to come.  Until we meet again. Pray! Work! Slay! And Show Off Your Melanated Excellence!

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