Jan. 20, 2022


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  Description: In our opening chatter we talk about what's been happening since we last recorded.  What’s on Our Timeline?  Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears.   While she is making history as the first woman and the first woman of color to be elected to the position... Her stance on some critical issues is causing some controversy.  For Let’s Talk Through It we have letters from two of our friends.  Our one friend who feels like the Black Lives Matter Movement has desensitized everyone including black folks.  Our other friend has a job where she is one of two black women.  The other black woman wants to be friends, but she doesn't represent the culture.   Be sure to listen to hear what we learned this week and be motivated for the week to come.  Until we meet again. Pray! Work! Slay! And Show Off Your Melanated Excellence!

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