May 18, 2023

Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity Mindset
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In our opening chatter we talk about what's been happening since we last recorded.  What’s on Our TimelineGabrielle Union is on our Timeline. Gabrielle Union sat down with Noah Callahan-Bever for an interview on Idea Generation (Bloomberg) and she talked about how despite the fact that she is a millionaire she has to fight the scarcity mindset.  Let’s Talk Through It we have letters from two of our friends.  Our one friend is upset because she feels like her man wastes money and is living paycheck to paycheck unnecessarily.  Our other friend is disappointed because her mother is not supportive of her entrepreneurial venture.  Be sure to listen to hear what we learned this week and be motivated for the week to come.  Until we meet again. Pray! Work! Slay! And Show Off Your Melanated Excellence!

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