April 21, 2022

Pull Yourself Up By Your Leggings

Pull Yourself Up By Your Leggings
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In our opening chatter we talk about what's been happening since we last recorded.  What’s on Our Timeline?  Former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and her run in with the Capital Grille.  Apparently Leggings are not appropriate attire for the Capital Grille.  But pasties are?  Twitter had questions and so do we.  For Let’s Talk Through It we have letters from two of our friends.  Our one friend is confused by a comment her boss made about her attire at a company social.   Our other friend wants her best friend to understand the descrimination that she experienced.   Be sure to listen to hear what we learned this week and be motivated for the week to come.  Until we meet again. Pray! Work! Slay! And Show Off Your Melanated Excellence!

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