Feb. 25, 2021

It Never Starts This Way

It Never Starts This Way
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Nicole and Janine sit down with Tyger McClendon, Founder of the Zollie McClendon Memorial Foundation, to discuss teen domestic violence, the signs, and statistics.  

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Tyger McClendonProfile Photo

Tyger McClendon

Founder of The Zollie McClendon Memorial Foundation

Tyger McClendon, graduate of John Carroll University founded
The Zollie McClendon Memorial Foundation in 2012. It was
founded after her family experienced a monumental loss due to
domestic violence. From this day forward she had dedicated
her life and the purpose of the organization to serve at risk
African American girls. Ms. McClendon has actually served in
her community since the age of 17 starting as a junior cheer
coach and has had the opportunity to see hundreds of young
ladies grow into beautiful young women. At about 27 she began
working in the school district as an educator and in this capacity
she was able to mentor hundreds of more children.