Feb. 4, 2021

COVID-19 Conspiracy & The Bullying of Black Doctors

COVID-19 Conspiracy & The Bullying of Black Doctors
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Nicole and Janine sit down with Dr. Jasmine Bookert-Arbukle of Diagnose Me Now. The ladies discuss and debunk some of the common COVID conspiracy theories. They also discuss the unfortunate bullying of black doctors who back the science that supports that vaccine.

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Dr. Jasmine BookertProfile Photo

Dr. Jasmine Bookert

Founder of Dr. Diagnosis

Dr. Bookert is as Howard Univ. College of Medicine graduate who did her residency at LSU- New Orleans Emergency Medicine. She is a
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine Physician and the Founder of Dr. Diagnosis- urgent care, mental health, and wellness telemedicine company. website:www.diagnosemenow.com