Oct. 29, 2020

Breaking the silence that hides violence

Breaking the silence that hides violence
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Nicole and Janine are joined by clinical therapist, Alexis Young, as they discuss domestic violence and stress the importance of breaking the silence that allows it to perpetuate.

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Alexis YoungProfile Photo

Alexis Young

Founder of Therapeutic Wellness Solutions, LLC

Alexis Young, is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked for over 12 years at the state and federal level serving children and families in the areas of clinical intervention, chronic illness issues, and program management for at risk communities,
In 2018, Alexis founded Therapeutic Wellness Solutions, LLC which is a private counseling agency providing services to adolescents and adults in the areas of trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and Women’s Health Issues. That same year, Alexis was appointed to the Louisiana Rehabilitation Council by Governor John Bel Edwards where she serves passionately as a disability rights advocate and executive council member. Alexis is a mother of three, and wife. and avidly enjoys spending time with family and practicing Yoga and meditation.